Life in a Manila cemetery

Life in a Manila cemetery

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In the Navotas Cemetery the living and the dead share the same cramped plot of land.

OVER 2000 FAMILIES crowd into this urban cemetery, dwelling above and among the countless graves in one of the most overpopulated cities on the planet. ‘Above and Below’ brings us to the Navotas Cemetery, where babies are born and the dead are buried in the same place.

Does traveling to impoverished places make you uneasy? If so, you are not alone. It is difficult to encounter dire poverty face to face and the first time you experience a place like Manila it can be hard to know how you should react.

I think most travelers run the emotional gamut of sadness, guilt and fear when faced with staggering need, but is there anything you can do to help those in need while traveling?

Local charities are glad for you money, international aid organizations can also use every penny you can spare. Volunteering is another avenue to help those in need but voluntourism it is a complex subject and one that many travelers are divided on.

What’s the best way from travelers to help those who face a life of poverty?

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